Engage your fans with artificial intelligence

Boost engagement, increase conversion, and gather zero-party data in real-time with Chat Nexus AI.

Our Mission

No fan left behind

Chat Nexus keeps the conversation going through personalized and intelligent messaging. Our technology learns your fan's interests and preferences, delivering content that keeps them engaged.

Automate Chat

Chat Nexus makes it easy to engage thousands of fans at once, automating your messaging across SMS and social media. Get back to doing what you do best and let us do the rest.

Build Loyalty

Build stronger connections with your fans through personalized and intelligent messaging, increasing fan loyalty and driving more sales revenue for your content or brand.

Monetize Fans

With personalized product recommendations and a simple checkout experience, you can generate additional revenue without sacrificing authenticity.

Build Consumer Profiles

Understand your audience like never before

Chat Nexus creates consumer profiles in real-time to give you a deeper understanding of your audience. With this data, you can deliver personalized content helping you establish stronger connections, increase engagement, and drive conversion.

AI Personalization

Customize your AI to engage your audience

Personalization and training options to make your AI feel like the perfect extension of you. The more you teach it the better it gets over time.

Teach Chat Nexus about you and it can auto reply to any fans who engage with it
Pick your own 10DLC phone number that can text fans directly after they subscribe
Step by step

How it works

Link your Social Media

Connect your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to link Chat Nexus to your social media platforms.

Train  your Chat Nexus

Teach Chat Nexus how to be the perfect extension of you. How you respond, your personality, and more.

Sit Back and Relax

Chat Nexus can handle chat automatically or enhance your ability to respond with pre-generated messages.


Choose a plan and get started

For Small Businesses & Micro Influencers


Starter plan for subscriber messaging. Automate authentic conversations with fans to promote content and increase engagement.

Send Up to 10,000 Messages (SMS)
Unlimited Subscribers
Includes 10DLC Phone Number
Join the Waitlist
For Agencies, Brands, & Public Figures


Integrate Chat Nexus into your marketing efforts to engage and convert fans at scale. Sell subscriptions, products, and PPV with a simple checkout experience.

Dedicated Support Team
Unlimited Messages (SMS & Social Media)
Advanced Analytics & Marketing Capabilities
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